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Truck Parking Task Force

The supply of authorized truck parking facilities in the City of Surrey has been a long-standing issue. The newly established Task Force on Truck Parking has a one-year term and mandate to evaluate and recommend options to Council to:

  • increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities within the City; and
  • better meet the needs of Surrey truck operators.

We want to develop creative options and help facilitate equitable and sustainable solutions for legal commercial truck park operations within the City. To support the Task Force’s work, we’re looking to engage stakeholders in order to better understand their needs and priorities. This understanding will allow the Task Force to develop recommendations and implementation plans.

Learn more about truck parking regulations, current parking locations and efforts underway to increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities in the city by visiting the Truck Parking page.

Get Involved

First Open House

In March 2019, more than 165 people attended the first public open house where City staff engaged members of the local trucking community and the interested public in an initial discussion to hear about their needs, concerns and ideas to help shape possible truck parking solutions. Additionally, more than 900 individuals shared their feedback through an online survey.

The drop-in style public open house:

  • introduced the project to a wide range of truckers and stakeholders
  • shared information on the current state of parking facilities
  • gathered information and assess preferences from attendees
  • collected location, amenity and cost feedback
  • provided a forum for attendees to suggest possible solutions

View the Information Sheet and Presentation Boards shared at the meeting.

See "Step 2: Discovery" (below) to read the Discovery Phase Engagement Report.

Second Open House

A second round of public engagement began with an Open House that took place on September 28, 2019 at Surrey City Hall. View the presentation boards and information sheet that were delivered at the event.

An online survey was also available until October 21, 2019 for those who could not attend the Open House.

Planning Process

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • On December 3, 2018, Council established the Truck Parking Task Force for a period of 1 year and appointed Councillor Nagra as Chair, supported by Councillor Hundial (view the Corporate Report). The purpose of the Task Force is to implement viable solutions for truck parking operations within the City.

  • Step 2: Discovery expand
  • In March 2019, staff introduced the project (issue/need, objectives, process phases and timing and engagement activities) to a wide range of truckers and stakeholders. An initial open house and online survey shared current information and engaged stakeholders to better understand their needs and priorities. Stakeholders were also asked to share ideas for potential solutions.

    Read the Community Engagement Summary for more information.

    Read Corporate Report R083: Truck Parking Task Force Status Update considered by Council on May 13, 2019.

  • Step 3: Developing Options expand
  • Based on understanding of issues and priorities developed through Discovery (Step 2), staff will undertake a technical review in order to develop a number of options for possible solutions. Meetings with the Province and other external stakeholders to explore opportunities will take place. Key findings to date will be presented to the Task Force and implications of potential recommendations will be assessed.

  • Step 4: Presenting Options expand
  • Staff will draft recommendations for comment based on their understanding of issues, priorities, opportunities and constraints developed through Steps 2 and 3. A second round of public engagement is underway. Attend the Open House on September 28 at Surrey City Hall or share your input online. An online survey will be available here from September 30 to October 21, 2019.

  • Step 5: Refining and Presenting Recommendations expand
  • Post engagement, the Task Force will meet to discuss feedback on the draft recommendations and make further refinements. Based on the overall engagement process, results from the technical review and analysis, the Task force will shape final recommendations to be presented to Council. A corporate report is expected to go before Council in fall 2019.

Background Information


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