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2020 Regular Council Corporate Reports

R001:  Dedication of Drainage Corridor and Construction of Road Works in the Sunnyside Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan Area
R002:  Award of Contract No. 1718-059-11 2020 Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements
R003:  Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2019-022 Annual Repaving and Road Restoration Services
R004:  2020 Council Committee Appointments
R005: Sponsorship Request – Bright Beginnings Foundation
R006: Modernizing BC’s Emergency Management Legislation – Proposed Changes of the Emergency Program Act
R007: Investment & Innovation Impact Committee
R008: Renewal of Contract No. 1220-040-2017-009 Refuse Collection & Disposal Services - City Parks
R009: Application for a Union of BC Municipalities Community Emergency Preparedness Fund Grant
R010: Application for a Union of BC Municipalities Age Friendly Communities Grant
R011: Cultural Grants Program – 2020 Grant Allocations
R012: 105 Avenue and Hjorth Road Elementary School
R013: Ethics Commissioner Establishment Bylaw, 2020, No. 20018
R014: Award of Contract No. 1719-003-11 2020 School Sidewalks and Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Package
R015: Surrey–Langley SkyTrain Update
R016: Surrey-Langley SkyTrain Project – Supportive Policies Agreement
R017: 10-Year (2020-2029) Servicing Plan and 2020 Development Cost Charge Bylaw
R018: Sponsorship Request - Simon Fraser University President’s Surrey Gala
R019: Innovative Revenue Generation Task Force Terms of Reference
R020: Update on Childcare Space Expansion and the Capital Application to the Province of British Columbia for Funding in Surrey
R021: Update on Current Land Use Plans Priorities and Development Capacity
R022: Social Equity and Diversity Committee – Terms of Reference
R023: Fleetwood Plan Update
R024: Transportation Network Services (Ride-Hailing)
R025: Professional Mixed Martial Arts Events Bylaw, 2020, No. 20000
R026: Inter-Municipal TNS Business Licence Bylaw, 2020, No. 20031 and Amendments
R027: Award of Contract No. 4719-063-11 2020 Sanitary Sewer Replacement Program
R028: Award of Contract 1718-041 D1 Design of 20 Avenue and Highway 99 Overpass
R029: Transportation Strategic Plan Update
R030: Plastic Bags and Single-Use Items Update
R031: Local Area Service - Construction of Curb and Gutter with Related Roadworks
R032: Application for a Union of BC Municipalities Poverty Reduction Planning
R033: Application for a UBCM Childcare Planning Program Grant
R034: Community Events Policing Grants Program - Reporting Out on 2019
R035: Public Notice of the Proposed Inter-Municipal TNS Business Licence Bylaw, 2020, No. 20031 and Amendments to Related Surrey Bylaws
R036: Award of Contract No. 1220-030-2019-009 for a Labour Scheduling Software System
R037: Inter-Municipal TNS Business Licence Bylaw, 2020, No. 20031 and Amendments to Related Surrey Bylaws – Consultation
R038: Award of Contract No. 1717-053-11 64 Avenue Arterial Widening from 184 Street to Fraser Highway
R039: Award of Contract No. 4718-018-11 North Surrey Utility Improvements
R040: Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2020-020 Pavement Markings
R041: Award of Contract No. 1716-056-11 160 Street Widening from 26 Avenue to 32 Avenue
R042: Renewal of the Cloverdale Business Improvement
R043: Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2020-001 - Shade Tree Watering Services
R044: Public Art Master Plan (2020-2029)
R045: Recommendation for 2020 Public Art Street Banners
R046: Measuring Up Working Group – Update and Strategic Plan 2019/2020
R047: Love Where You Live – Surrey Clean-up and Beautification Initiative
R048: Update to the Climate Emergency Response and Amendments to Surrey Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2013, No. 18020
R049: Semiahmoo Town Centre Stage 1 Plan
R050: Update on Extreme Weather Program and Options for a Daytime Warming Centre for Homeless People in North Surrey
R051: East Newton Business Park Neighbourhood Concept Plan Amendment
R052: Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, 2020, No. 20020
R053: Award of Contract No. 4718-010-112020 Robson Utilities and Road Improvements
R054: Award of Contract No. 1218-018-11 2020 Water Main Improvements Package
R055: Award of Contract No. 1718-024-11 2020 School and Transit Sidewalks Package
R056: Award of Contract No. 6020-001-11 Burrow’s Drainage Pump Station and Stewart Farm Sanitary Pump Station Improvements (“DMAF” Projects)
R057: Closure of Road Adjacent to 1864, 1894, 1920, 1940, 1960 and 1980 – 165A Street and 16588 – 20 Avenue
R058: Proposed New Lease of the Farmland Portion of 5202/88 – 168 Street (Mound Farm Park)
R059: Strata Title Conversion of the Commercial Complex Located at 15055, 15061, and 15063 – 54A Avenue
R060: Crescent Beach Neighbourhood Zoning ‐ Response to Higher Flood Construction Levels
R061: Surrey Official Community Plan – 2020 Housekeeping Amendments
R062: Professional Mixed Martial Arts Events Bylaw, 2020, No. 20000 - Consultation
R063: Award of Contract No. 1220-040-2020-015 2020 Pavement Restoration – Operations Management
R064: Award of Contract No. 5518-004-11 District Energy Distribution Piping System Expansion
R065: Vision Zero Surrey 2019: A Year in Review
R066: Proposed Text Amendments to Surrey Zoning By-law, 1993, No. 12000
R067: COVID-19: Emergency Operations Centre Level of Service and Staffing Update
R068: Quarterly Financial Report - First Quarter - 2020
R069: Alternative Municipal Tax Collection Scheme for the Year 2020 Due to COVID-19
R070: COVID-19: Emergency Operations Centre Update
R071: Surrey Economic Action and Recovery Plan from the COVID-19 Pandemic
R072: Zero Waste Strategy Development
R073: Award of Contract No. 6020-010 D1 Design of Serpentine River Sea Dam Replacement
R074: Award of Contract No. 1220-020-2020-002:  District Energy - Energy Transfer Stations Construction at Various Locations
R075: Acquisition of Property at 17169 – 104 Avenue for Drainage Purposes
R076: Acquisition of Property at 13760 – 62 Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R077: Acquisition of Property at 18132 – 96 Avenue for Parkland Purposes
R078: Livestreaming Surrey Canada Day 2020
R079: Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan - Stage 2 Final Report
R080: COVID-19: Emergency Operations Centre Update
R081: Extension of Contract No. 1220-050-2015-009 Wireless Services
R082: Agreement with the City of White Rock for Provision of Police-Related Computer Dispatch Services
R083: Purchase of Oracle Database Security Modules
R084: Award of Contract No. 1220-020-2020-003 - District Energy - Energy Transfer Stations and Interior Piping at 13615 Fraser Highway (PCI)
R085: Proposed Lease of City Property Located at 14706 – 104 Avenue to the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation
R086: Parking to Patio Program and Sidewalk Queuing Space Program – Use of Outdoor Areas in Support of COVID-19 Physical Distancing Requirements
R087: Annual (2019) Development Cost Charge Report
R088: 2019 Annual Financial Statements
R089: COVID-19: Emergency Operations Centre Update
R090: Closure of Road Allowance Adjacent to 12855 and 12869 – 111 Avenue
R091: Award of Contract No. 1717-061-11 - 60 Avenue Improvements
R092: Award of Contract No. 4818-038-11  - Hyland Creek Culvert Replacement and Bothwell Park In-Stream Works
R093: Closure of Road Adjacent to 8013 – 144 Street
R094: Award of Contract No. 1718-049-21 - 2020 Traffic Signal & Intersection Improvements
R095: Milestone Year for Youth Environmental Employment Program
R096: Proposed Text Amendments to Controlled Substance Property Bylaw, 2006, No. 15820
R097: Renewal of the Cloverdale Curling Arena Operating Agreement with the Cloverdale Curling Club
R098: Advisory Design Panel Terms of Reference Revisions
R099: This item was removed from the agenda.
R100: Reach Child and Youth Development Society
R101: Award of Contract No. 1220-060-2019-014 for Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
R102: Density Adjustments for Sites Abutting Frequent Transit Networks
R103: Award of Contract for Strawberry Hill Hall Rehabilitation Project
R104: Opportunities to improve the quality of care being provided and the number of Supportive Recovery Homes operating in Surrey
R105: COVID-19: Emergency Operations Centre Update
R106: Newton Town Centre Plan - Stage 2 Final Report