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Committee, Commission & Board Membership

Committees, Boards and Commissions meet to discuss relevant and important issues that affect the community, the province and the nation as a whole.

Boards are legislated bodies, with members appointed by Council.


The number and type of member make-up depends on the group.

For example, Council Appointed Select Committees may contain Members of Council, engaged citizens, local experts and/or special interest representatives.

Council Appointed Boards and Commissions may contain members of the community, and Members of Council.

Meeting Schedules

Committees, Boards and Commissions generally meet monthly, depending on the group and whether there are pertinent issues on the table.

See committee, board and commission schedule for this week. Find meeting schedules, along with terms of reference, by learning about each committee, commission and board.

Applying to Volunteer with a Committee, Board and/or Commission

Not currently accepting applications.

Contact a Committe, Board or Commission by email at or through the City Clerk's Office at 604-591-4132.