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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable section processes invoices & issues payments to suppliers for goods & services purchased by the City. Accounts Payable works with Purchasing Services to ensure contracts are in place to coordinate the procurement and payment processing. Invoices are approved by authorized staff after receiving the goods or services ordered. Invoices with cash discounts for early payment are identified and processed for payment within the terms specified. All other payments are made on a Net 30 day basis. Cheques are run weekly and then mailed.

If payments are overdue, suppliers are to contact the employee that requested the goods or services to ensure the invoice was sent to Accounts Payable for payment. Following that, suppliers should contact Accounts Payable at 604-592-7010 with the outstanding invoice number.

Payment Processing Options

In an effort to support sustainability, reduce risk and improve customer service, the City of Surrey has two payment processing options for suppliers: electronic fund transfer (EFT) and electronic invoices.

Electronic Fund Transfer

The electronic fund transfer option will allow suppliers to receive their payments directly into their bank accounts, reducing risk of fraud and improving the timeliness of their payment receipt.

If you are a supplier and would like to receive your payments electronically, fax your request along with your banking information on company letterhead to 604-591-4488.  Also provide a valid e-mail address where the payment notification may be sent. You may contact us at 604-592-7010 for more information.

Download the full Supplier Direct Deposit Enrolment Form.

Electronic Invoices

The electronic invoice option will facilitate faster payment of invoices, and will help to reduce costs and our carbon footprint. Invoices sent by traditional mail will be accepted.

Preparing your invoice (electronic or hard copy)
To ensure a timely payment, your invoice must include the following information:

  • Supplier's invoice number.
  • Supplier's full remittance details.
  • Full contact name of the City of Surrey Purchase Requestor and his/her department.
  • Purchase order (PO) number and corresponding PO line number, if applicable.

Submitting your electronic invoice
Send electronic invoices to the City of Surrey to

In order to process your payment, the following submission guidelines must be met:

  • Each invoice must be sent as a separate attachment.
  • Attachment(s) must be in PDF format.
  • PDF attachment(s) must be named: <Company name>_<Invoice Number>.
  • Email(s) must not exceed 2MB.

Download the full invoice instructions for suppliers.

Note: failure to meet the requirements above may result in payment processing delays or in your payment not being processed.