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Risk Management

Risk Management provides services to other departments within the City regarding risk, claims, litigation, and loss control issues. The group is divided into three sections of responsibility:

Claims and Litigation

The Claims and Litigation Section investigates claims, determines liability, and negotiates settlement of claims where the City is found to have a liability exposure. This section also manages the tort litigation for the City, which involves investigation, retaining expert engineers or other professionals, and providing instruction to independent adjusters and legal counsel, all with the goal of achieving fair and reasonable resolutions to claims.

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Risk Financing

The Risk Financing Section for losses within the City is done primarily through self insurance, in the form of large self-insured retentions. The City does however purchase Commercial Insurance to cover the very infrequent catastrophic losses.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Section provides consulting services to the various departments on how to identify, plan for, and minimize risks in their daily business.  The City is moving towards an Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program as a best practice to identify and manage the risk of operating a large and complex organization.  In an environment where risks are identified and managed, the total cost of risk is reduced and resources are available to provide additional services to the public.

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