Review the City of Surrey's claim settlement policies and learn about the appeal process.

Claims Settlement Policy

It is City Council policy that claims made against the City are not paid unless, in the opinion of Risk Management and/or legal counsel, there is a liability exposure. All claims will be investigated without passion or prejudice, utilizing the facts as they reveal themselves and standard legal practices and principles.

The Claims staff at Surrey are committed to the principle of settlements that are fair and reasonable within standard industry and legal practices. Claimants can expect to be treated courteously and respectfully and in a business-like manner, and staff can reasonably expect the same in return. The Claimant may not always get the answer they desire but staff will provide an explanation in policy and/or law to support their decision and do their best to explain the rationale.

Appeal Process

It is City Policy that should a claimant wish to appeal a claims decision, they must do so through the Civil Resolution Tribunal, Provincial Court of BC or the Supreme Court of BC.

Ethics Statement

Those making a claim for damages against the City of Surrey can expect to be treated fairly and with respect. The City's Claims staff firmly believe and practice a fair and reasonable approach to claims handling with the highest ethical standards.