Learn how the City aims to increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities within Surrey.

The Mayor’s Task Force on Truck Parking was established to evaluate and recommend options to Council to increase the supply of authorized truck parking facilities within the City and to better meet the needs of Surrey truck operators by developing creative options for effective, equitable and sustainable solutions.

The Surrey Truck Parking Strategy, released on December 17, 2019, highlights the findings of the Task Force and sets out potential options to increase Surrey’s truck parking supply. Read the Surrey Truck Parking Strategy: A Report by the Mayor’s Task Force on Truck Parking  - Full Report for full details.

As the majority of the recommended initiatives are focussed on encouraging industry-led solutions, the City’s role will primarily involve the establishment of and improvements to the policies, bylaws, and processes necessary to encourage and support these opportunities. 

It is anticipated these initiatives can be implemented throughout 2020/21, with the majority of funding recovered from industry. As the initiatives are implemented, the City will monitor their effectiveness and consider other new opportunities that may arise.

Summary of Recommended Initiatives

1. On-Street Truck Parking Pilot

We plan to implement the On-Street Truck Parking Initiative pilot in late fall 2020. After a detailed review of suitable streets, we have selected the following streets for the first stage of a one-year pilot:

  • Sections of two roads in Port Kells: 189 Street and 190 Street south of 96 Avenue
  • Road in Bridgeview: 115 Avenue between Bridgeview Drive and 132 Street

We’ve begun engaging with fronting businesses and property owners to notify them of the pilot.

The initiative will allow for 24-hour reserved truck parking along the identified streets in designated on-street stalls. A truck parking permit will be required to park in the reserved spot.

At this time, interested truck operators are encouraged to email us at truckparking@surrey.ca to express interest in participating in this pilot initiative. Please include your name, contact information, as well as the truck type and trailer size that will be used for parking. For example, tractor with a 53’ trailer or dump truck with a transfer trailer. Your email will not guarantee participation of the pilot, due to limited availability of parking spaces. We may also contact you should we have further questions to assist us with the pilot.

To encourage uptake of the pilot, the permit will be offered at no charge during the pilot. A permit fee will be introduced upon the completion of the pilot based on feedback from the industry.

2. Parking in Low-Density Residential Areas

This initiative allows for truck parking on residential properties that are one acre or larger and have the appropriate zoning. We are piloting this now through the City’s Temporary Use Permit process.

Your property is eligible if it meets the following guidelines developed by staff:

  • The property must be zoned ‘RA’;
  • The property must be a minimum of 4,046 square metres (one acre) in size;
  • The property must be within an approved secondary land use plan area and be designated for industrial or commercial use;
  • The applicant must demonstrate adequate turnaround maneuvers can be achieved on-site and that the proposed truck parking spaces do not result in vehicles backing out onto a highway;
  • The property must have landscaping to visually screen trucks from the highway and any adjacent residential properties;
  • A maximum of two trucks will be permitted for properties between one and 10 acres, and a maximum of three trucks for properties 10 acres or larger in size;
  • All trucks parked on the property must be registered to the owner or occupant of the property;
  • The applicant is responsible to construct adequate access to and from a designated truck route; and
  • The applicant may be required to register a Restrictive Covenant on the property to restrict idling time and operations of heating or refrigeration systems

If you’re interested in this initiative and your property meets the above guidelines, contact us at planningdevelopment@surrey.ca or 604-591-4448 to discuss further.

Each Temporary Use Permit application would still be subject to the typical Council approval process and be evaluated based on its individual merits.

3. Truck Parking App

We’re facilitating the development of mobile apps to help truck operators find and pay for available parking spaces offered by private property owners. Earlier this year, we completed market research and developed detailed app criteria. We issued a Request for Information for interested app developers in the summer.

We’re now in the process of engaging with interested app developers and plan to have an app available for use before the end of spring 2021.

4. Increase Parking Provision of Trucking Companies

We’re working on bylaw amendments that will require trucking companies to provide parking for all trucks used on an exclusive basis. The engagement process is planned to be a minimum of six months in duration and will begin in the coming weeks.

5. Local Area Service Program to Facilitate Truck Parking Development

To support the development of truck parking facilities, we have been exploring the opportunity to use the Local Area Service (LAS) program that would have property owners fund the improvements to the roads that would meet the servicing standard requirement for truck parking facilities.

A pilot area has now been identified in South Westminster, and in order to expedite timelines on this initiative, this is now planned to proceed as a Council-initiated LAS.

Additional Resources

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Planning Process

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending

Step 1: Getting Started

On December 3, 2018, Council established the Truck Parking Task Force for a period of 1 year and appointed Councillor Nagra as Chair, supported by Councillor Hundial (view the Corporate Report). The purpose of the Task Force is to implement viable solutions for truck parking operations within the City.

Step 2: Discovery

In March 2019, staff introduced the project to a wide range of truck operators and stakeholders through an initial open house and online survey. More than 165 people attended the first public open house where City staff engaged members of the local trucking community and the interested public in an initial discussion to hear about their needs, concerns and ideas to help shape possible truck parking solutions. Additionally, more than 900 individuals shared their feedback through an online survey.

The Discovery phase:

  • introduced the project to a wide range of truckers and stakeholders
  • shared information on the current state of parking facilities
  • gathered information and assess preferences from attendees
  • collected location, amenity and cost feedback
  • provided a forum for attendees to suggest possible solutions

View the Information Sheet and Presentation Boards shared at the meeting.

Read the Community Engagement Summary for more information.

Read Corporate Report R083: Truck Parking Task Force Status Update considered by Council on May 13, 2019.

      Step 3: Developing Options

      Based on understanding of issues and priorities developed through Discovery (Step 2), staff undertook a technical review in order to develop a number of options for possible solutions. Meetings with the Province and other external stakeholders to explore opportunities also took place. Key findings were presented to the Task Force and implications of potential recommendations were assessed.

      Step 4: Presenting Options

      Staff drafted recommendations for comment based on their understanding of issues, priorities, opportunities and constraints developed through Steps 2 and 3. A second round of public engagement began on September 28, 2019. View the presentation boards and information sheet that were delivered at the event. An online survey was also available until October 21, 2019 for those who could not attend the Open House.

      Step 5: Refining and Presenting Recommendations

      Following engagement, the Task Force reviewed feedback on the draft recommendations and made further refinements. Based on the overall engagement process, results from the technical review and analysis shaped final recommendations.

      Learn more about the Final Truck Parking Strategy Report in the December 2019 News Release.

      Read the Surrey Truck Parking Strategy: A Report by the Mayor’s Task Force on Truck Parking.


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