Access Surrey Council, Committee, Commission, Board and Task Force minutes from past meetings.

The first Surrey Municipality Council meeting was held on January 12, 1880. Early historical minutes have been scanned and although the contents cannot always be searched through normal keyword methods, they provide a colourful history of our past and are well worth viewing.

To begin, select which type of council meeting minutes you are looking for from the options below. You can also view corporate reports and planning reports.

Using the Minutes Search 

Use the search below to find minutes. You can filter results by using keywords, categories and date. Results will be shown in order of most recent.

Search by Category, Date and Keywords

To filter the minutes for a specific date and category, select the category from the dropdown list and enter the council start and end date.

For example, if you are looking for all Council-In-Committee Minutes from January – March, 2010:

  1. Select Council-In-Committee Minutes in the Category dropdown list
  2. Enter 2010-01-01 as the Council start date
  3. Enter 2010-03-31 as the Council end date
  4. Select the Refine button to see the results

Minutes Search

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