Meet Councillor Brenda Locke.

Surrey is part of our family. For 39 years, my husband and I, along with our kids and now our grandkids, have enjoyed all that Surrey has to offer, from its parks and sports fields, to recreational facilities and arts and cultural opportunities.  I shop local because I know and support my neighbours and their businesses.

My advocacy for the people of Surrey is sincere and comes from strong and far-reaching roots.  I have volunteered in many capacities over the decades including with the Surrey Urban Mission, an organization that works to assist those in need.

In my paid employment, my proven track record of developing strategic partnerships and building bridges between organizations is something I can draw upon now to benefit the people of Surrey.  As an MLA and provincial Cabinet Minister, I worked to bring SFU as well as the RCMP "E" Division to Surrey.  During my 25 years of experience as an Executive Director of non-profit organizations, I advanced numerous high-profile issues by forging excellent working relationships with government, non-profit and the business community.

Key Projects

Surrey is a mosaic of communities, families, diversity and incredible potential. I know that citizens care about one another and they care about their neighbourhoods. I personally witness this everyday. I know we need to have a City Hall that cares about these things too, and we certainly need a City Hall that cares about our personal safety. Growth in Surrey has been exponential, leaving too many people as if they have been left behind, marginalized and ignored. Community, Sport, Service and Faith groups who contribute so much to the vibrancy of our growing communities but they often feel unable to fully participate.

I pledge that I will work for our citizens to encourage our City Hall to respond to every resident in a fair, open and transparent manner. I am convinced that Surrey has the potential to be a model community, celebrating diversity and initiative. Surrey is a city full of promise, and I know it can succeed in becoming a city that cares about its residents and embraces quality of life for everyone.

Committees & Community Groups

  • Metro Vancouver Board - Alternate


Office: 604-502-6032