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What is LRT?

LRT in Dublin

What is LRT?

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a type of rapid transit that uses electric-powered trains operated by a driver. It typically runs at street level in lanes that are separate from regular traffic, and offers a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. LRT is a high-quality form of rapid transit and is used widely throughout North America and around the world.

LRT trains carry large numbers of passengers and are capable of travelling at high speeds while providing a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride. 

Street-level Stations

LRT stations are street level, and will typically be located in the centre of the road with pedestrian crossings for passengers. Street-level stations allow passengers an easy, "hop-on, hop-off" service, making transit accessible for people of all ages and abilities. 

Stations have shelters and typically have ticket vending machines, closed-circuit TV for security, seating, real-time schedule information, and wayfinding information.

LRT in Surrey

Surrey’s LRT network will connect our communities and bring 195,000 more people within short walking distance to fast, frequent and reliable rapid transit service.

Learn about Surrey's LRT project