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Median Refuge Crossings

We usually put in median refuges to help pedestrians and cyclists cross Surrey's arterial roads. We put refuges in especially at locations with a high crossing demand and/or at a Surrey greenway.

With a refuge, you can cross 1 direction of traffic at a time, which makes it easier to find a gap in traffic and improves your safety.

Median refuge crossing installation locations

We often install median refuge crossings in mid-block locations, or

  • on busy arterial roads or collector roads, especially 4-lane roads.
  • at high-demand pedestrian and cyclist locations, such as close to a bus stop, nearby school, etc.
  • where a greenway crosses an arterial road. We put in median refuges here along with a pedestrian and cycling friendly crosswalk. 26 mid-block greenway crossings recently had signage and pavement markings installed in fall 2013. 

Funding for median refuge crossings

We usually build median refuge crossings through Surrey's capital sidewalk program. 

Contact the City of Surrey's Transportation Planning section by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 to get more details on median refuges in Surrey.