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Land Use Plans

Community planning

Community planning in Surrey means creating vibrant neighbourhoods where people can live, work, shop and play. It also means the growth of a thriving, green, inclusive city where residents feel supported and engaged, and can enjoy public facilities and services with their neighbours.

Guided by our Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Sustainability Charter, land use plans provide more detailed context, considerations and land use designations for specific growing areas throughout the city. They are reviewed and updated to make sure they remain up-to-date and reflective of community interests.

The different land use plans include:

  • General Land Use Plans (GLUP)
  • Town Centre Plans (TCP)
  •  Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCP)
  • Local Area Plans (LAP)

Learn more about common planning terms.

We Want Your Input

To develop land use plans we undertake a comprehensive community planning process. This includes opportunities to engage with residents and stakeholders, including landowners, community groups and development interests.

Give us your feedback, take a survey or attend an open house on one of the land use plans underway:

Approved Land Use Plans

Approved land use plans have been developed through community consultation and endorsed by Council. These plans are used to guide current development across the City. Explore all land use plans by community:

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