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Lowland Dyking Stakeholder Committee

Pump station ditch cleaning

With the repeal of the Drainage, Ditch and Dike Act, and the dissolution of the Surrey Dyking District, the City has established a Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee.


The purpose of the Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee is to establish liaison and maintain communication between the landowners in the lowlands and the City on the operation and maintenance of the dykes.

The Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee will meet as many as four times per year, and will seek to:

  1. Advise the City of any operation and maintenance concerns with the dykes; and
  2. Promote awareness with the general public and landowners of the dyking infrastructure and general considerations in living in a floodplain.


The City is seeking to select four residents to participate on the Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee for a three-year term. Apply to join the Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee.


Matthew K. Brown
Engineering Department
City of Surrey 
14245 – 56 Avenue 
Surrey BC V3X 3A2