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Collector Roads

Collector roads usually

  • allow traffic flow within larger neighbourhoods and town centres,
  • distribute traffic between local roads and arterial roads, and
  • provide connections between adjacent arterial roads.

All collector roads have been designated as potential transit routes. Collector roads that don’t currently have transit are expected to have buses in the future. They are important routes for the emergency services.

Collector roads are usually located every 200 or 400 metres (an eighth- or a quarter-mile). Their spacing decreases as the density of development increases.

Collector roads are identified on the Surrey Road Classification Map (R-91).

Collector road cross-sections

Typical collector roads in Surrey are planned to ultimately have:

  • 2 travel lanes (1 lane per direction),
  • Bike lanes
  • Grass boulevards with street trees,
  • Sidewalks,
  • Streetlights, and
  • Parking on at least 1 side of the road.

Many collector roads in Surrey currently have only some of these features. These are usually interim collector roads, or collector roads built to a previous standard. Collector roads are constructed and funded almost entirely by the developers of the adjacent land, as a requirement of development. However, many collector roads were built prior this requirement, or under previous standards, and therefore may have only some of these features.

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