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Local Roads

East Clayton

Local roads primarily serve local traffic, provide connections within communities, provide access to properties, and usually have on-street parking.

Local road cross-sections

Typical local roads in Surrey are planned to ultimately have:

  • Two-way travel,
  • Grass boulevards with street trees,
  • Sidewalks,
  • Streetlights, and
  • Parking on at least one side of the road.

Many local roads in Surrey currently have only some of these features. These are usually interim local roads, or local roads built to a previous standard. Local roads are constructed and funded entirely by developers of the adjacent land, as a requirement of development. However, many local roads were constructed prior this requirement, or under previous standards, and therefore may have only some of these features.

Local road standards

There are several current local road standards. Different standards are used in different areas, because of factors such as:

  • Differing land use,
  • Connectivity,
  • Neighbourhood Concept Plan vision,
  • Land availability, and
  • Environmental protection (e.g. tree or creek preservation).

Queuing streets

Some local roads (usually longer, more continuous roads) have 2 travel lanes, whereas others are “queuing streets”. A queuing street has only 1 travel lane (when on-street parking is well-used) and drivers must pull over to allow oncoming traffic to pass. Queuing streets have 2 main benefits:

  • Containing built-in traffic calming to lower the speed of traffic, and
  • Minimizing the pavement width, which reduces the demand on the drainage system and minimizes the environmental impact.

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