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Newton Town Centre Plan

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Check out Newton Town Centre draft plan updates by attending the Public Open House on June 12, 2018.

Newton Town Centre is a designated core urban area within the Official Community Plan, and the future south terminus for the Surrey-Newton-Guildford (SNG) Light Rail Transit (LRT) line.  In advance of LRT along King George Boulevard, the Newton Town Centre Plan is being updated to reflect current conditions and to guide growth.

Originally adopted in 1990, the Newton Town Centre Plan was updated in 2010 with a Stage 1 Land Use Concept Plan focusing on the portion of the town centre south of 72 Ave.  On February 24, 2014, Council authorized staff to review and update the Newton Town Centre Plan.  Currently in Stage 2, a final draft land use plan is being prepared.

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Please join us at a Public Open House on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to view and comment on draft updates to the Newton Town Centre Plan.  Your feedback will be considered before the final document is presented to Council.

Review the Display Boards shared at the Open House and take the survey available until July 3, 2018.

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Study Area

The plan area focuses on the southern portion of the Newton Town Centre area, the area south of 72 Avenue, east of 134A Street and 135 Street, north of 68 Avenue, and west of 138 Street.  The plan area is approximately 56 hectares (139 acres) and includes significant civic, recreation, and transit uses, as well as commercial and residential areas.  The terminus of the future Surrey-Newton-Guildford (SNG) LRT line will be located in the Newton Town Centre Plan.


Process & Timeline

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