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Transportation Inventory

The City’s inventory as of Fall 2012 which details roads and samples supporting infrastructure below:

Road Centreline Length

 Arterial roads 383 km 
 Collector roads 246 km
 Local roads 1294 km 
 Lanes 206 km 
 Total Surrey roads 1923 km
 Provincial and regional highways 90 km 
 Total Surrey and provincial roads 2013 km 


Lane-Kilometre Length

 Major Road Network 485 lane-km 
 Arterial roads 1003 lane-km
 Provincial and regional highways 306 lane-km 

Bike Route Centreline Length

 Multi-use pathways 75 km 
 Bike lanes/shoulders 205 km 
 Neighbourhood bike routes 5 km
 Shared bike/travel lanes 110 km 

Other Transportation Infrastructure

 Bridges and structures  50
 Streetlights  29,000
 Traffic signs  80,000
 Traffic signals – Surrey traffic signals  274
 Traffic signals – Surrey pedestrian signals  46
 Traffic signals – Provincial traffic signals  47
 Traffic signals – Provincial pedestrian signals  1
 Traffic signals – total  368
 Special crosswalks  14

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