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Electrical Entertainment Operating Permits

band performing to large crowd at Party for the Planet at dusk

Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit Requirements

If you're planning an upcoming event/production in the City of Surrey, you may require an Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit.

Electrical equipment associated with temporary entertainment productions is subject to a great deal of "wear and tear" due to the nature of installation. If not properly maintained and or installed, this equipment is subject to failure, which may pose a risk to persons and property.

An Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit makes sure your electrical installation is monitored by a qualified person who is responsible to confirm compliance with applicable codes and standards.

Events and productions that may require a permit

Examples of events that may require an Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit include:

  • Film/Television Productions
  • Mobile Concession Stands
  • Festivals & Concerts
  • Fairs & Carnivals
  • Temporary Amusement Setups

Review Surrey's Temporary Entertainment Electrical Installation Permits Bulletin to determine if your event requires an electrical permit. For additional information, contact the Electrical Section directly at 604-591-4240.

Submitting Your Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit Application

As the event organizer, you are responsible for submitting your Entertainment Electrical Operating Permit Application Form 2 weeks before the date of your event. Find the permit application form on the Electrical Section Bulletins & Forms page.

The Field Safety Representative (FSR) or Licensed Electrical Contractor named on the permit is responsible for ensuring the installation is compliant and inspections have been requested.