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Permit Exemptions

Under Section 18 of the BC Safety Standards Act: Electrical Safety Regulation, electrical permits are NOT required for the following work.

1. No permit is required if the only electrical work performed is testing.

2. An individual may replace the following regulated products without a permit, up to a maximum rating of 150 V to ground, with electrical equipment of a similar type or rating:

(a) receptacles;(b) cord attachment plugs;(c) snap switches;

(d) ballasts;

(e) existing switches, dimmer switches, receptacles incl. GFCI;

(f) fan speed controllers;

(g) thermostats;

(h) overcurrent devices.

3.  An individual may replace, without a permit, a lamp of up to 347 V to ground with a lamp of a similar type or rating.

4. An individual may replace, without a permit, a fuse of up to 750 V with a fuse of a similar type or rating.

5. If a licensed electrical contractor or a manufacturer’s technical representative performs repairs involving the components of existing installed and certified regulated electrical equipment, no permit is required if

(a) there are no modifications or additions to the electrical installation,

(b) neither the electrical rating nor the characteristics of the equipment is altered, and

(c) the replacement components are of a type which do not invalidate the original certification mark.

For more information, refer to Technical Safety BC's Electrical Regulations documents and reources.