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Agricultural Land Use

Agricultural Land Use Inventory

The BC Ministry of Agriculture conducted an Agricultural Land Use Inventory for the City of Surrey in 2010, and released a report in 2013. The inventory encompassed all land within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), and some land adjacent to the ALR.

The ALR in Surrey consists of 9,290 hectares, with 93% of the ALR surveyed, consisting of a total of 8,670 ha and 1,743 parcels, with the remaining 620 ha being in road rights of ways, foreshore, or parcels less than 100 square meters in size. An additional 1,388 ha was surveyed outside of the ALR.

Agricultural Land Use Policies

Review the City of Surrey's agriculture-related policies included in our Official Community Plan, city plans, policies, procedures, and provincial legislation.

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Official Community Plan

Agricultural Zones

City Plans

City Policies

City Procedures

Provincial Legislation

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