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Surrey Electrical & Fire Safety Initiative

The Surrey Electrical and Fire Safety Initiative (EFSI) is one of the City of Surrey's key responses to eradicating illegal marijuana grow operations in Surrey. The EFSI is led by Surrey Fire Services and includes a team of City staff representatives.

The EFSI assisted greatly in the 81% decrease in illegal marijuana grow operations in Surrey from 2004 to 2008. The EFSI uses provincial legislation (Bill 25) to inspect properties for potential fire and safety hazards. This has led to the discovery and elimination of hundreds of illegal grow operations in Surrey.

The EFSI recognizes that illegal grow operations are a significant threat to the building's owners and to all neighbouring buildings and their tenants. A home with a grow operation is 24 times more likely to catch fire than a typical home.

Surrey's response to marijuana grow operations

The Bylaw & Licensing Section maintains records of controlled substance properties and their status.

Realtors and potential purchasers of properties can receive verbal confirmation regarding a property’s status by calling 604-591-4370.