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Ministry Markers Program

The City of Surrey has been providing cemetery services to our community for the past 89 years by offering a variety of interment and memorialization options. Many of these services have been provided to families that don’t  have the financial resources to afford the cost of interment. In these cases, the Provincial Ministry of Social Development funds the interment at little or no cost to the family. Unfortunately, this provincial program does not provide funding for a headstone or grave marker. 


The City of Surrey is now part of a new program in partnership  with  local memorial company, Stonemarks Engraving, to provide a memorial marker to families that are receiving interment services through the Ministry of Social Development.  Stonemarks Engraving will supply the marker and the City will install the marker free of charge. Markers are granite and have the deceased’s name, birth year and date of death. If a family wishes to have a customized marker installed then they will still be permitted to purchase a marker rather than participating in this program.


Surrey’s civic cemeteries currently have about 350 unmarked graves of people who have been buried through the Ministry of Social Development’s program.  City staff is also launching a program to raise funds for the installation of memorial markers on all of these gravesites with the goal of eliminating unmarked graves and enhancing the community heritage value of our cemeteries.


The implementation of these memorial marker programs ensures that each person interred in a City of Surrey cemetery will be memorialized for generations to come, regardless of their financial status.


For more information on this program or to donate please contact:


Anna Christian

Cemetery Services Coordinator - City of Surrey