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Bike Training

Bike to School Training

The City offers all grade 4 and 5 students free bike education. Taught by professional cycling instructors from HUB Cycling, Metro Vancouver's non-profit cycling organization, programs are available to every Surrey elementary school.

The Learn2Ride program is an engaging, 2-day course that builds students’ cycling knowledge, skills, road safety and confidence. The course includes two sessions: one 60 minute in-class session, followed by a 90 minute on-bike training session on school grounds where students put their new skills to practice in simulated traffic scenarios. HUB Cycling brings a fleet of bikes and helmets, including adaptive bikes so that all students are able to participate.

Improving road safety near schools is a high priority in Surrey. We believe that teaching safe cycling to our youth will create safer road users at all levels and encourage higher levels of cyclists in time, more aware walkers, and future safe drivers.

Is your school interested? Have your principal request Bike to School training by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853.

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