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Accessory Building Permits

Accessory building uses may include but are not limited to a detached garage, workshop or shed. It must be smaller in floor area and lot coverage than the floor area and lot coverage of the principal building and situated at a distance of not less than 1.0m from an exterior wall of the principal building to which it is accessory.

An accessory building of less than 10 square metres (108 sq.ft.) in building area used for storage purposes only may be placed or constructed without a building permit provided it does not create a hazard and further provided that such building complies with the requirements as set out in the Surrey Zoning by-laws and any other applicable provision of a Development permit or restrictive covenant. Should you require electrical or plumbing to the storage building, those permits would be required.

Requirements for an Accessory Building Permit include but are not limited to:

  • Completed Building Permit Application form; 
  • Owner Authorization Form (if the Applicant is not the Owner); 
  • Engineered truss layout;
  • Topographical survey may be required; 
  • A complete set of drawings including:
    • Site Plan
    • Foundation, floor and roof plan
    • Cross Section
    • Elevations
    • Construction Details
  • Payment of the permit fee;and
  • A damage deposit may be required.

Note: If you cannot prepare acceptable drawings yourself, please retain the services of a qualified designer

How to Apply

To apply for an accessory building permit, submit the documents listed above to the Building Division. Basic information about the property will also be requested at the time of application

After Submission

The Trees and Landscape Department will also do a review of the application to determine if there are any tree protection requirements.

Once the Plan Reviewer and Tree Department are satisfied that all the requirements have been met, the permit will be issued and the applicant will be notified.

Other permits may be required

Separate plumbing and electrical permits are required for any plumbing and electrical work. Plumbing and electrical permits may be applied for only after the building permit has been issued.

Download the printer friendly version of the Guide to Applying for a Building Permit for a Detached Garage or Accessory Building.