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Cloverdale Town Centre Plan


We're updating the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan. A lot has changed since its adoption nearly 20 years ago. The new plan will reflect recent development and market conditions.

Town Centres are the commercial, social and cultural hubs of each of the city’s five distinct communities. Town Centre plans guide land use and development in these core growth areas.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the planning process and contributed their input. Over the past five year over 450 residents and business owners attended three open houses. Over 1,000 survey participants provided input through two online surveys. And, staff hosted 10 stakeholder meetings and workshops and received input from over 100 residents via email. 

We are now putting the finishing touches on the plan. We anticipate Council will consider the plan for approval in Fall 2019.

Plan Area

The plan area is at the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 15 (Pacific Highway). It includes 297 hectares (733 acres) and a mix of land uses ranging from residential to industrial.

Cloverdale Town Centre Study Area Map

Planning Process

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • Council initiated an update to the 2000 Cloverdale Town Centre Plan on February 24, 2014 (Corporate Report No. R035).

  • Step 2: Exploring Options expand
  • Cloverdale residents and stakeholders were invited to a plan kick-off open house in May 2014 to identify strengths and opportunities for the Town Centre and to review the vision for the area. 

    Early input identified a strong desire to attract more local business, including retail and restaurants within walking distance of residences. Parks and recreation opportunities also ranked high among community priorities. Other desires included beautification and streetscape improvements, such as heritage, arts, and cultural amenities.

    Staff and consultants also conducted various background studies and research to help advise the plan update. These included a heritage study, commercial market assessment, environmental assessment and a comprehensive parking capacity study.

  • Step 3: Developing the Plan expand
  • A draft land use concept was developed and presented at a second open house in June 2018. The concept built off the existing 2000 land use plan and featured an expanded mixed-use area downtown (along 176 Street) with street-level commercial. It also introduced new neighbourhood parks.

    Public response to the initial draft concept was mixed. Although generally supportive, it included concerns about increased traffic congestion, safety, loss of neighbourhood character, and a desire to maintain single-family neighbourhoods. Retention of surface parking lots in the historical downtown was also raised as a major concern among the business community. Several revisions were made to the plan based on input received. Additional stakeholder meetings were also held with community groups and the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association (BIA) to further refine the draft plan.

  • Step 4: Refining the Plan expand
  • A revised draft plan was presented at a third open house in April 2019 and received general support from stakeholders. A total of 74% of open house and survey respondents were supportive or neutral towards the changes made to the draft plan. These changes included additional downtown parking, adjusted residential designations and revisions to the proposed park network.

    According to a survey conducted concurrently with the open house, 84% of survey respondents were supportive or neutral of the updated downtown heritage area, 82% were supportive or neutral towards more mixed-use buildings, 80 % were supportive or neutral towards the updated parks and open space concept and 69% were supportive or neutral towards the updated mix of residential housing. The Cloverdale Business Improvement Association (BIA) was also generally supportive of the plan as it was presented at the open house.

  • Step 5: Completing the Plan expand
  • The updated Cloverdale Town Centre Plan is the culmination of work undertaken over over a period of five years.  It is reflective of consultation with area residents, the business community and other stakeholders, and embodies the vision and principles developed early in the process.  The plan also represents a clear strategy to integrate land use and sustainable transportation systems, while addressing concerns around the supply of housing, the support of local business, the creation of jobs and planning for adequate school capacity.

    In total, over 450 residents and business owners attended three open houses. Over 1,000 survey participants provided input through two online surveys. Staff hosted 10 stakeholder meetings and workshops and received input from over 100 residents via email.

    Staff are now putting the finishing touches on the plan document in preparation for Council consideration of the plan in Fall 2019.

Background Information

Council approved the original Cloverdale Town Centre Plan in 2000 (Corporate Report C013). The original Plan provided direction for land use, development, design, transportation, and utility improvements. 

Since 2000, conditions have changed in the area that have rendered aspects of the original plan obsolete.  A number of significant developments have also occurred that were not reflected in the original plan, including the construction and subsequent expansion of the Museum of Surrey, the development of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU Tech) and the redevelopment of the former Cloverdale Mall into a mixed-use neighbourhood.

On February 24, 2014, Council endorsed Corporate Report R035 which authorized a review and update of the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan. 

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