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Building a Swimming Pool

The installation of a swimming pool requires a building permit when the pool has a surface area of 14 m2 (150 sq. ft.) or greater and a depth of 450 mm (18 inches) or greater. The setbacks applicable to swimming pools are the same as that for accessory structures as set out in the Surrey Zoning By-law.

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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools should be engineered, factory built kits. Electrical components must bear evidence of approval by CSA, or another recognized certification agency. A building permit must be issued to confirm the siting, and to ensure that the required fencing is in place. If specifications are not available or the pool is oversized, then a P.Eng may be required to certify the structural integrity of the pool.

A plumbing permit may also be required to ensure proper drainage and that the water supply is equipped with a backflow prevention device.
An electrical permit may also be required for some above ground pool assemblies.

If the pool structure is more than 600 mm (24 inches) above grade then the area of the swimming pool will be included in the calculation of total lot coverage.  

Indoor Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

An indoor swimming pool or hot tub can result in conditions where the indoor relative humidity exceeds normal values. This increased humidity must be addressed either through the installation of a mechanical ventilation system or by constructing a wall designed to work under humid conditions. In either case, a design from a registered professional is required.
All doors leading into the pool area must be self-closing, self-latching and lockable doors.

Fencing Requirements

City of Surrey By-law 4450 states that every private swimming pool shall be enclosed within a sturdy fence not less than four (4) feet in height with no openings greater than four (4) inches in their least dimension; this fence may enclose the pool itself or any portion of the premises on which the pool is situated. Where only the pool area is fenced the fencing shall be such that the pool is open to full view through the fence. The fence shall be continuous except for points of access which shall be equipped with a self-closing gate, so designed as to cause the gate to return to a locked position when not in use, and secured by a spring lock located not less than three (3) feet, six (6) inches above grade and which can only be opened from the swimming pool side of the fence.

Read more about the Fencing Requirements.

Applying For a Swimming Pool Permit

Application requirements include but are not limited to:

• A completed Building Permit Application form (separate application forms are required for the pool and the pool shed);
• A current Title Search which may be obtained from the Land Title Office;
• An Owner Authorization Form (if the Applicant is not the Owner);
• Letters of Assurance from the Professional Engineer;
• Confirmation of the septic system filing with Fraser Health, if applicable.
• One complete set of drawings including:
    o Site Plan; 
    o Swimming Pool Layout Plan;
    o Cross Section; and
    o Construction Details
• Payment of the permit fee (permit fee is based on construction value as set out in the Building Bylaw); and
• A damage deposit may be required;

When an engineer’s involvement is required, the application drawings are to be sealed and signed by a registered professional engineer. If applicable, the application drawings are to be approved and signed by the Design Consultant.

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