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The Project: Surrey LRT

Vision for LRT along King George Boulevard

Rapid transit to fit South of Fraser's current and future needs

Over the next 30 years, Surrey will welcome 300,000 new residents. As the city grows, so do our transportation needs. 

A proven technology

LRT provides a proven, high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly means to move people that meets our long term needs. 

In 2014, the Mayors' Council endorsed light rail for Surrey because of its transportation benefits, fit with the City’s community plans, and relative affordability compared to alternatives.

Two Lines with Approximately 19 Stops

The South of Fraser LRT project will be 27 kms with two lines and approximately 19 stops linking residents with where they need to go.

Phase 1: Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line

  • 104 Ave connecting Surrey City Centre and Guildford Town Centre
  • King George Boulevard connecting Surrey City Centre and Newton Town Centre

The Mayors' Council and the TransLink Board of Directors approved Phase1 of the 10-Year Investment Plan, which included continued planning, early works, and consultation for Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT. Visit the project site to find out more.

Phase 2: Surrey-Langley Line

  • Fraser Highway connecting Surrey City Centre, Fleetwood, and Clayton, and beyond to Township of Langley and City of Langley

Public Consultation

The LRT project has been informed by consultation with the public and stakeholders. Take a look at the project history from the beginning of the South of Fraser Rapid Transit project, to the more recent engagement on Phase 1 of the 27-km of LRT, the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line. 

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