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LRT Economic Benefits for Surrey

LRT Station

Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and home to 150,000 jobs. A LRT network will create:

  • 30,000 construction jobs,
  • 15,000 operations and maintenance jobs,
  • Assist affordability by making single or no car households more feasible.

Economic Benefits Report

In the May 2015 Economic Benefits of Surrey LRT report, independent economist Teresa Watts points to LRT’s wide range of positive outcomes for our City, including expanding and diversifying local employment, helping attract investment and development, and promoting urban growth.

Other benefits of LRT highlighted in the report include:

  • A major boost in jobs created in construction and maintenance;
  • Integrated and pedestrian-friendly communities along the corridor; and,
  • Providing a more accessible ridership with more stops and shorter distances between stations.

LRT in Surrey Video

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