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Special Sprinkling Permit for Nematode Application

Nematodes are a natural way to treat lawns infested with European chafer beetles. In order for the treatment to be successful, we recommend Surrey residents apply nematode treatment in July and August for best results. In order to water outside the permited watering times in the summer, residents must apply for a special sprinkling permit.

The special sprinkling permit is valid for 14 days, and can be renewed once in Stage 1 & 2 of the Outdoor Water Restrictions only. Under Stage 3, the City will not issue or renew special sprinkling permits, but existing permits will remain valid until the expiry date. Under Stage 4, all permits are no longer valid, regardless of when the resident received the permit.

How to apply

  • Visit 2nd Floor of Engineering Department
  • Bring a receipt of nematode purchase or invoice from company to the applicant’s address showing nematode treatment service;

History of European Chater Beetle in Metro Vancouver

The European chafer beetle is a new turf pest to our region. A study commissioned by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and several local municipalities revealed that Nematode treatments could be very effective at controlling the European chafer population when used in combination with healthy lawn care practices. According to the study, the Nematode is a “cruiser” species that actively infects and kills the European chafer grubs.

Best Time of Nematode Treatment

Treatments are most effective if done in late July, after the European chafer eggs have hatched and the young grubs are most vulnerable to Nematode attack. Nematodes are not a preventative measure; they control chafer beetles that have laid eggs in your lawn.

Directions for Use:

Proper storage and handling is essential to Nematode health

  1. Nematodes can be stored in the refrigerator up to a month (not the freezer) before they are mixed with water, but once the Nematodes are diluted in water, they cannot be stored.
  2. Apply Nematodes on rainy or cloudy days in the early evening. Exposure to UV light or very high temperatures can kill Nematodes.
  3. Moisten the lawn well prior to application. Nematodes need moisture in the soil for movement; if the soil is too dry or compact, they may not able to search out hosts.
  4. Follow the Mixing & Application Instructions on the package.
  5. Moisten the lawn well following application.  Keep the soil moist for 4 to 7 days after application to ensure best performance.

Where to Buy Nematodes:

In most hardware stores carrying gardening products.

For more information, please visit the websites: