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Watermain Flushing Program

Watermain flushing

From June 4 to October 31, 2018, watermains will be flushed in the Port Kells area as indicated in the following map.

As part of the City’s maintenance program, watermain flushing is required to remove sediments and to maintain water quality across Surrey.

Location map

How water flushing may affect your water

When watermains are flushed, the water from your tap may appear discoloured due to sediments. However, your water is still safe to drink.

Some staining of laundry may result and some industrial processes may be affected. We recommend the following:

  • Run your cold water tap until the water is clear
  • Prior to doing laundry, check to see if the water is clear

For more information, call the Water Department at 604-591-4152 from 8am to 4pm, or 604-543-6700 after hours.