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Final Approval

Surrey City Council does their first Council Review earlier in the development application process, after the first application review's completed.

The final approval of a development application comes after the developer has fulfilled the conditions listed during the conditional approval phase.

  • Final approval for a Rezoning, Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment or Land Use Contract (LUC) amendment means the bylaw is given Final Adoption.
  • Final approval for a Development Permit, Development Variance Permit or Temporary Use Permit means the permit is issued by Council. 
  • Final Approval for a subdivision means the Approving Officer has signed the Subdivision Plans.

For a project to be deemed complete, and ready for final approval, 

  • the servicing agreement must be signed, 
  • all fees and levies must be paid, 
  • all conditions of approval must be fulfilled, and 
  • the final subdivision plan must be ready for execution by the Approving Officer.

The Area Planner then forwards a memo to Council informing them that it is in order to grant final adoption of the rezoning bylaw or issue the Development Permit for the proposed development. 

Once the applicable zoning is in place, the Approving Officer can sign the subdivision plan.

After a project receives final approval from Council, servicing and construction can begin

Developers will receive a letter notifying them on Council's decision. The public and the developer can also find the results in the meeting's Council Minutes