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Evacuating in an Emergency

Evacuation route in a building

Some emergencies may make staying put dangerous. In these cases, it may be safer to evacuate your area and go to family, friends' or an emergency reception centre. Every emergency is different and people may be asked to evacuate to a specific location or shelter-in-place.

Be Prepared to Evacuate

Whether you're at home or at work, it's important to have an evacuation plan in place that include

  • having emergency supply kits for each member of your family or business. Learn what to pack in your Grab and Go Emergency Kit.
  • the routes and exits from your building
  • emergency shut off procedures for utilities, equipment and other processes
  • procedures for assisting those with disabilities
  • a designated meeting place for yoru family or business colleagues

During an Evacuation

In the event of an evacuation, listen carefully to emergency officials for instructions and act quickly.

Communicating an Evacuation

An evacuation order can come from the City of Surrey, the Province or the Federal Government, based on the adopted three-stage evacuation process. Different methods will be used to let residents and businesses know in the event of an evacuation. An "evacuation alert" or "evacuation order" can be communicated through

  • door-to-door notification
  • patrol car or fire vehicles using a PA system
  • media alerts (radio, TV, Internet)
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook,

After an Evacuation

Emergency officials will advise when an evacuation order has been rescinded and if there is anything you need to do to make sure it's safe to re-enter your home or place of work.

Home Evacuation Plan

Personal Evacuation

Learn what to do if you are advised to evacuate your home.

Green exit signs in hallway

Workplace Evacuation

Find out how businesses can prepare for evacuation of their building and what to do if you are evacuated at work.

Person hiding under desk during earthquake drill


Find out how to stay safe at home if you are advised to shelter-in-place during an emergency.