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LRT Documents and Resources

LRT Station

Surrey’s vision of LRT is built on a strong foundation of long-range planning and policy development. Here are some of the documents that have influenced Surrey’s plan for LRT so far:

Key Documents

The Official Community Plan (OCP)

Managing and shaping growth is a key goal of Surrey’s Official Community Plan, PlanSurrey2013. With our City projected to grow to 800,000, LRT will transform how Surrey will move into the future. In addition to identifying LRT corridors, our OCP also provides a framework for understanding how good land use planning will support and benefit from LRT.

Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP)

Personal transportation is Surrey’s largest source of GHGs, accounting for about 38% of the City’s emissions. As noted in CEEP, “The City’s vision for Light Rapid Transit (LRT) supports significant modal shift toward transit, which will play a key role in achieving significant GHG reductions.”

Transportation Strategic Plan

Written in 2008, the Transportation Strategic Plan reflects what we want to achieve as a City, not just for transportation itself but also in terms of our environmental, health, community safety and economic future. Partnering with TransLink to establish the alignment, technology and timing of rapid transit implementation is identified as an early action, as is protecting road-right-of-way for strategic corridors including King George Blvd, Fraser Hwy and 104 Ave.

Sustainability Charter

When the Sustainability Charter was first created in 2008, we painted a picture of a more sustainable future and started working toward the actions that were identified at that time, including increasing public transit to support a sustainable economy. Our vision for Surrey talks about providing “transportation choice, with a focus on the efficient movement of people and goods, not just vehicles.”

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