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Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project Phases 3 and 4

The City has completed the Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project, effectively replacing the neighbourhood's old sewer system with a combination of low pressure and gravity sewers. See below for important cost information for property owners in the area.

Project Background

The purpose of the Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project Phases 3 and 4 was to deliver a new, more reliable sanitary sewer system for the Bridgeview neighbourhood, east of 126 A St.

The previous sewer system regularly experienced service disruptions, with excessive repair and maintenance costs, and was at full capacity, resulting in a freeze on new service connections.

Phases 1 and 2 of the Bridgeview Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project, west of 126A Street, were completed between 2009 and 2013.

With all phases now completed, the new system provides existing homes and businesses with a robust and reliable service, and lifts the moratorium on new connections, allowing property owners in the area to develop and/or redevelop their properties as they wish.

Project Location

Local Area Service Agreement Process

Phases 3 and 4 of the Bridgeview sewer replacement project were completed through Surrey's Local Area Service Program (LAS), which the City initiated in December 2015.

The project involved replacing the existing East Bridgeview vacuum sewer system with a new low-pressure sewer system to service the industrial and commercial areas, and a steep-grade gravity sewer system to service the residential areas, together with a community pump station and force main.

In January 2016, all property owners in the LAS were sent a petition package with project information, details specific to their property and a Petition Against reply form to assess project support. As described in the Community Charter, under a petition against process, only people who did not support the project were required to return the signed petition.

Open House

An open house was also held on January 27, 2016 to further explain the LAS process and to gather community feedback.

See the materials that were displayed:

Petition Results

The petition closed on February 12, 2016 with 87.5% project support. Only 12.5% of property owners were not in favour of the project, which was not enough to meet the criteria for the LAS petition against process. Based on this, Council approved the project to move forward. View the Petition Results.

On March 7, 2016 Council approved the LAS and bylaw for the Bridgeview East Phase 3 & 4 Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project.

Project Timing

Construction began in July 2016 and was completed in January 2018.

Final Costs and Responsibility of Property Owners

We are pleased to inform property owners that the final construction cost was lower than the original cost estimate provided to property owners in the 2016 LAS petition package.

The final cost shareable by each property in the LAS was adopted by Council in the Regular Council Meeting on November 19, 2018 under Corporate Report No. R226 and  Bylaw No. 18669.

Similar to previous project phases in Bridgeview, the City will contribute approximately half of the project costs for properties with active sewer accounts that were connected to existing vacuum sewer system at the time of construction. The remaining portion will be recovered from property owners through a Local Service Tax.

Payment Options

The City will gradually recover property owners’ share of the project costs through the Local Service Tax only when the property is developed. If you have plans to develop your property, you can pay in advance.

You do not have to pay the Local Service Tax until you choose to develop your property*. However, the Local Service Tax will include any accrued financial interest charges at the time of payment.

Development Definition

*What do we mean by development? A property is considered to be undergoing development when a property owner makes a formal application to the City for one of the following in relation to their property:

  • connection to the sanitary sewer system;
  • subdivision;
  • consolidation;
  • development permit;
  • development variance permit;
  • rezoning;
  • temporary use permit; or
  • building permit.


For more information about this project, contact May Zhang at 604-591-4895 or