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The Vision: Surrey LRT

Vision for LRT in Surrey

Great transit, great city

Surrey's vision for LRT is crucial not only in building a great transit system, but also in building a great city. 

Vision for LRT:

Street-orientated LRT will transform Surrey into connected, complete and livable communities, making the City and the Region more vibrant, accessible, competitive, and sustainable.

A Complete-Connected-Livable Surrey

The following key elements and components inform the intent, look and outcome of the LRT system the City is striving to deliver:

Vision for a connected Surrey with LRT


  • Connect people, places and communities quickly, safely and seamlessly to destinations as well as connections to the region
  • Bring fast transit to the doorstep, create safe, seamless pedestrian connections, improve accessibility, reinforce and promote short trips to local parks, libraries, community centres, cultural hubs
Vision for a connected Surrey with LRT


  • Creating “Complete” streets through entire corridor that includes sidewalks, cycling tracks, and a boulevard/public realm that interfaces with businesses
  • Integrated multi-modal trips and make it safe, attractive and comfortable for all to get around
  • Consistent standards will bring out quality and unique Corridor identity
Vision for a livable Surrey with LRT


  • Livable communities are beautiful, affordable and healthy places where people and jobs want to be
  • Livable will evolve Surrey’s unique community identity and allow for sustainable, green infrastructure and landscape, and reinforce and connect natural heritage and features

Find out more

Read more about the Surrey Light Rail Transit Vision in this Corporate Report.

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