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Sunnyside Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan Review

On June 12, 2017, Surrey City Council initiated a review of the approved Sunnyside Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP). 

As part of the review, Council introduced a six month development moratorium in the Sunnyside Heights NCP area.  The purpose of this review is to:

  1. Review of the area’s land use plan designations.  Staff will review the Land Use Concept approved as part of the Sunnyside Heights NCP (Grandview Heights NCP Area 2), and recommend potential amendments to ensure consistency between City policies and current development trends.
  2. Allow time for acquisition of a new elementary school site in the area.  Recent demographic and development trends have resulted in more families and more elementary school aged children locating in the Sunnyside Heights NCP Area than previously anticipated, leading to the need for one additional elementary school to support future residents.

Review Area

The Sunnyside Heights NCP area is the triangle of land bounded by 24 Avenue to the north, 168 Street to the east and the Highway 99 Corridor Local Area Plan area to the west.  It contains 206 individual properties and comprises some 163 hectares (402 acres).

Sunnyside Heights NCP Plan Boundary

Latest Updates

December 18, 2017 - Council Approves Land Use Designation Recommendation

A report with staff’s recommendations, including land use changes in the southern tip of the NCP area, was provided to Council on their December 18, 2017 meeting agenda (Corporate Report R259).

Council took action to approve land use designation changes recommended by City staff, and identified in Appendix I of the Corporate Report R259. Council also voted to allow in-stream applications that meet the revised plan to proceed for Council consideration of First and Second Reading, and scheduling of a Public Hearing.

City staff will continue to work with the School District to narrow down potential sites for a second elementary school in the Sunnyside Heights NCP area. Once a school site is finalized, City staff will prepare a report to Council to show the preferred elementary school location and associated land use changes. It is anticipated that the final site selection will be finalized by spring of 2018.

October 5, 2017 - Agriculture & Food Security Advisory Committee (AFSAC) Meeting

On October 5, 2017, staff presented the AFSAC with land use options under consideration along the NCP’s 168 Street Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) interface and asked for their input pertaining to conceptual land use options and agricultural and food security issues.  AFSAC’s meeting agenda, and staff’s presentation to the committee, are available here:

The minutes from this meeting will be posted on AFSAC’s webpage following adoption at their November 2, 2017 meeting.

October 2, 2017 - Stakeholder Meeting

On October 2, 2017 City Staff hosted a stakeholder meeting to gather feedback on conceptual land use options in the southern tip of the NCP area, south of 16A Avenue.  Participants completed a survey to register their preferences regarding land use in this area.  Here are copies of the presentation and survey:

Results of the survey will inform staff’s recommendation to City Council in an upcoming corporate report.

Process & Timeline

NCP review will generally adhere to the following timeline and tasks, as laid out in Corporate Report R129, culminating with a report to Council recommending future land use and development actions based on outcomes of the various studies and consultations.

Contact Information

Steve MacIntyre, Planner
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604-592-2640

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