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East Newton NCPs

East Newton is the geographic name of the neighbourhoods around Chimney Hill, east of 144 Street, north of 64 Avenue and Hyland Creek, and south of Bear Creek. In addition to the creeks, the area is home to several schools, including Chimney Hill Elementary, T.E Scott, and the Regent Christian Academy, as well as the Valley View Cemetery.

The area is separated into three land use plans, each of which was planned through separate Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) processes. The development of these neighbourhood plan areas was guided through the 1993 Local Area Plan for East Newton, which provided an overall guide for land use in the area.    

These three East Newton land use plans, now largely built out, provide direction on the type and density of development, urban design, parks and community amenities and engineering infrastructure.

Get Involved

Thank you for attending the November 20 Public Information Meeting for the East Newton Business Park NCP.  If you were not able to make it to the meeting, you can view the Display Boards and Presentation.

If you have comments regarding the proposed amendments, please submit your comments by December 4 to Fay Wong at or phone 604-591-4496.

Plan Area

This East Newton plan areas designate land uses for the broader Chimney Hill community, generally located south of Bear Creek and east of 144 Street. The plan areas are also bordered by the Chimney Hill residential estate in the north east and Hyland Creek in the South.

Background Information

In 1992 City Council identified East Newton as one of several areas of the City that would be suitable for development consideration. A Local Area Plan was subsequently approved in 1993 to serve as an overall guide for land use, servicing and development in the area. The Plan also identified the Neighbourhood Concept Planning (NCP) approach to further plan the north and south portions of the plan area.

In July 1996, Council approved the East Newton North NCP, the first phase of of the broader community. Then, in December 1997, Council approved the East Newton South NCP to complete the southern extent of the residential areas. 

In March 1999, Council approved the East Newton Business Park NCP, completing land use planning for the broader East Newton community. This NCP, unlike East Newton North and South, is designated predominantly as business park and live-work, which provides important employment lands for the area. 

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