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What Is Vision Zero Surrey?

The Vision Zero Surrey Safe Mobility Plan (2019-2023) represents a transformative shift in how we will prioritize road safety. Vision Zero Surrey unifies and co-ordinates the efforts of our partner agencies. It It is a long-term commitment to a shared goal of ZERO.

Through the implementation of widely recognized principles and proven strategies, we will eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in our transportation system, because Every Life Matters.

Download the Vision Zero Surrey Safe Mobility Plan

Vision Zero's Core Principles

  • Serious traffic collisions are not "accidents," they are predictable and preventable.
  • People inevitably make mistakes, but these mistakes should not be fatal or result in serious injury.
  • All aspects of the transportation system must prioritize human life and health.
  • System designers, policymakers and road users of every mode share responsibility to improve safety through systems-level changes.
  • Speed is a fundamental factor in crash severity, and should be prioritized

Making changes to infrastructure and moving the dial on road safety culture takes time. However, we will get there through focused cooperation and shared ownership.

Vision Zero in Other Countries

Vision Zero was first initiated in countries like Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. These countries now have the lowest rates of motor vehicle crash fatalities in the world. Vision Zero has since gained momentum in many places, including the United States and more recently in Canada.