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Train Whistle Reduction

The City of Surrey is working to reduce railroad noise around the City. See Corporate Report R109: Amendments to Surrey Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw.

Under federal regulation, trains must sound their whistles when approaching public grade crossings.

To reduce the impact of train noise on communities along railway corridors in Surrey, we are passing resolutions to relieve railway companies from having to sound train engine horns.

We are prioritizing achieving whistle cessation on federally regulated grade crossings first. These include railways operated by:

  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe;
  • Canadian National Railway Company; and
  • Canadian Pacific Railway.

We will then focus on provincially regulated crossings operated by the Southern Railway of British Columbia.

The next crossing we are currently working on is at Burlington Northern Santa Fe – New Westminster Subdivision Mile 138.98 at Elevator Road.

The City has notified the relevant associations and organizations declared by the Minister of Transport, pursuant to the provisions of Subsection 4(1) of the Railway Safety Act. We will be consulting with the relevant railway companies to agree to terms for whistle cessation.


There are 5 railway companies that operate on railways in Surrey, resulting in 44 grade crossings. 14 of the grade crossings are Federally regulated and 30 grade crossings are Provincially regulated.

City staff are following Transport Canada’s procedures for applying to stop train whistling at public grade crossings. These guidelines are from:

For more information, contact Traffic Management at, or 604-591-4149.