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East Clayton Queuing Street Pilot Program

Over the years, the City has heard from residents within the East Clayton neighbourhood that parking is limited and hard to find. While the City has undertaken numerous initiatives to respond to concerns regarding parking supply, on-street parking challenges facing East Clayton persist.

Staff have completed a review of parking strategies for East Clayton and received Council approval of a one-year queuing street pilot project to help alleviate parking challenges. Read the related Corporate Report.

What is a Queuing Street?

A queuing street is a type of local road that has only one travel lane and where drivers sometime have to pull over to allow oncoming traffic to pass. A queuing street conversion is the process by which a street is converted from “parking one side” to “parking both sides”, resulting in a single traffic lane and more on-street parking.

There are already 26 queuing streets in East Clayton and if expanded on a widespread basis, queuing streets would add 214 parking spaces in the area.

Fourteen streets have been identified as potential candidate locations for a one-year pilot program.

Have Your Say

Residents on candidate streets have received an information package at their homes further describing the program, how queuing streets work, and what their street would look like if converted to a queuing street.

We want to hear from residents on candidate streets whether or not they support a pilot program on their street. Residents are encouraged to share their input by completing the postage paid survey card or by responding to our online survey. Responses are being collected until January 24, 2020.

Take the Survey

Residents on streets chosen for the pilot program will receive additional information in the coming months. At the end of the pilot program, residents on participating streets will be surveyed again to determine whether they want to keep the queuing street configuration and additional on-street parking permanently.

Have questions or concerns? Contact Aaron Klemets at 604-598-7912 or at