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Water Quality

Drinking water from glass

Attention: There are individuals going door-to-door claiming to represent the City's water department, selling water filtration systems. Surrey's water meets all the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and does not need to be filtered through a system in your home. If you have questions about your water quality, please call 604-591-4340.

Drinking Water Sources

Water is collected from rainfall, snowmelt, creeks, and streams from the mountains near the Capilano, Seymour and Coquitlam watersheds, which provide one of the most pristine water sources in the world.

The water flows through networks of reservoirs, treatment plants, pumping stations, and water mains owned and operated by Metro Vancouver before being delivered to City of Surrey. Most of our water comes from the Coquitlam reservoir and is disinfected with ozone (oxygen and electricity). Chlorine is added to control bacteria regrowth in the water main. The water is conditioned to control corrosion of pipes and staining of plumbing fixtures. Learn more on the Metro Vancouver site.

Water Samplings

To monitor the water quality in our system there are 51 water sampling stations throughout the City. Staff collect samples from these water stations once a week to analyze cloudiness, temperature, chlorine residual and bacteria levels. The annual summaries of these reports are below.

How to Report a Drinking Water Problem

Have an address, contact information, and a description of the problem ready before reporting a problem.

Call in non-emergency problems on the water system directly to the City of Surrey at 604-591-4340, or send it in electronically as a online service request.

Water monitoring reports

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