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Drinking Water Connection

Water main tie-in

Before connecting to the City of Surrey’s water system, you must apply and receive approval from the City. The City is not obligated to supply water when the cost of doing so creates an additional burden upon the revenues of the system. Information on water main extensions can be found here, and water to use during construction here.

Types of Applications

All of the following forms must be submitted to the 2nd Floor Counter at City Hall.

  • New and replacement services

Fill out the application form labelled Schedule “A” from Surrey Waterworks Regulation Bylaw. The registered owner(s) of the property (no agents) must complete and sign the form, acknowledging the two liability clauses.

  • Temporary Service Application

The property owner is responsible for installing and maintaining the connection, which must conform to the conditions listed in the Surrey Waterworks Regulation Bylaw. A completed Schedule “A-1” application form from the bylaw is required to initiate the request.

Water Turn Off/On

The City of Surrey can temporarily or permanently turn on or off the water service to a property.

For temporary service turn off:

  • The City of Surrey turns off the water at a curb stop at the property line.
  • The information on the relevant fees can be found in Schedule D1 of the Surrey Waterworks Regulation Bylaw.

For permanent turn off:

  • The City of Surrey caps the water service and terminates the water account.
  • The owner is not responsible for any water charges until a new service connection is applied and a new account set up.
  • The cost of capping is 100% of the actual cost.

Any property owner who wants to ask for a temporary or permanent turn off need request this in person at Surrey City Hall.

How to Locate Your Water Service

See how to use COSMOS to look up the location of your water service.

Operation Pressure & Fire Flow

Water system operation information, such as pressure and flow, may be requested by consultants who are designing sprinkler and fire protection systems for private properties.

For information on pressures, available fire flows, and residual pressures please complete the request form and email to or fax to (604) 591-8693. No telephone request is available at this time.

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