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Lowlands & Floodplains

Driving on a flooded road

Surrey’s lowland are low elevations areas that are influenced by ocean and river tides. The areas are protected through river and shoreline dykes. Each area has unique issues, land use and protection strategies. 

Learn about Surrey's key lowland floodplain areas

Pump station ditch cleaning

Lowland Dyking Stakeholder Committee

Learn about operation and maintenance of the dykes in Surrey with help from the Lowlands Dyking Stakeholder Committee.

Campbell River Floodplain

Page describes the Campbell River floodplain.

Colebrook and Mud Bay

Boundary Bay and Mud Bay Floodplain

Learn about the boundary bay and mud bay floodplains and their dyking history.

Fraser River Floodplain

Page describes the Fraser River floodplain and its history within Surrey.

Serpentine Fen

Serpentine & Nicomekl Lowlands

Page describes the Serpentine and Nicomekl Floodplains and their dyking history.