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Land Development Engineering

The Land Development Engineering Division administers the municipal infrastructure servicing requirements necessary to support Land Development and Building Permit projects in Surrey.

Land Development Engineering applies the Local Government Act to regulate engineering requirements of the following types of development applications:

  • Agricultural Land Reserve Amendments
  • Development Permits
  • Development Variance Permits
  • Neighbourhood Concept Plan Amendments
  • Official Community Plan Amendments
  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision
  • Temporary Use Permits

Find our latest information in the Land Development Engineering Bulletins .

Land Development Engineering process

The Land Development Engineering process consists of 3 phases, which are completed in conjunction with the Planning and Building Departments.

  1. Submit Application- Development Services
    Developers submit applications to the Planning Department, who then send the applications to Land Development Engineering for initial engineering comments and requirements. Land Development Engineering also identifies the City’s requirements for transportation, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, parks, and the required fees for servicing.

    The Engineering Comments & Requirements document forms part of the Planning Report for each development application that goes to Council for 1st and 2nd reading, Public Hearing, and 3rd reading.

  2. Project Scoping / Project Detailing  & Servicing Agreement Phase- Development Services

    LDE Project Scoping Checklist
    LDE Project Detailing
    Developers pay an engineering processing fee and typically an ESC permit fee and a pre-submission meeting is arranged before preliminary design drawings are submitted for review. After the preliminary drawing review, consultants submit the detailed design drawing package and the developers’ lawyers submit draft legal documents for review.

    Once the design and legal requirements are approved, the City issues the Servicing Agreement that defines the works and services and financial securities needed for final development approval.

    Once the Servicing Agreement is signed and all securities are paid by the developer, the project has completed Engineering requirements for 4th Reading and can be approved by Council.

  3. Onsite & Offsite Servicing- Engineering Inspection Services

A pre-construction meeting is held with the developer, contractor and City engineering inspector prior to the start of construction. The City will issue Building Permits prior to completion of construction provided certain conditions have been met.

When construction is completed, Engineering Inspection Services conducts a final inspection and the engineering inspector issues the Certificate of Completion. A 1-year maintenance period on the constructed works starts immediately. During the maintenance period, deficiencies are identified and corrected. After a year, the remaining Letter of Credit is released and a Certificate of Acceptance is issued.

Find a detailed summary of Land Development Engineering Processes and Procedures, including usable sample forms, in the Engineering Land Development Customers Manual. (Word. New window.).

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Contact Land Development Engineering at Reach Development Services at 604-591-4276 and Inspection Services at 604-598-5806.