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Surrey Detention Pond.

In general, stormwater is the surface runoff from rainfall and snowmelt events. Stormwater Management includes managing the quantity and quality of the water and providing safe conveyance of flows.

We continually assess and investigate the municipal watershed and stormwater drainage systems in Surrey's Drainage Study Areas to identify any needed upgrades and to determine means to mitigate or prevent future problems. We then compile the results of these assessments and investigations into various drainage plans and reports.


ENG-Detention Ponds

Detention Ponds

Learn about detention ponds and why they are used in Surrey.

ENG - Ditch Enclosures

Ditch Enclosures

Learn the process to infill or enclose a ditch in Surrey.

ENG- Drainage Plans and Reports

Drainage Plans & Reports

Page describes the various plans and reports conducted for the drainage and environment section of Surrey

ENG - Driveway Culverts

Driveway Culverts

Learn the requirements for installing or repairing a driveway culvert.

ENG-Flows and Flow Monitoring

Flows & Flow Monitoring

Find rainfall data and see locations of Surrey's streamflow and water level monitoring stations.


Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP)

Review Surrey's integrated stormwater management plans with relation to Metro Vancouver.

Sustainable Drainage

Sustainable Drainage

Find information on the sustainable drainage features present in Surrey.

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