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Roundabout in Surrey.

Roundabouts control traffic

They have one-way circulation around a central island, where entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to circulating traffic in the roundabout.

In some situations, roundabouts improve safety and traffic flow more than signalized intersections. This is because the roundabout's shape reduces speeds, and almost eliminates “T-bone”and head-on collisions.

How to drive or cycle around a roundabout

Review how to drive, cycle, or walk around roundabouts in Surrey. Then, catch ICBC's Driving Tips for Roundabouts.

See how to drive through a Modern Roundabout, with the Arizona Department of Transportation. This video is from the United States, so signs and pavement markings may be different from what we see in Canada.

Hear how roundabouts improve traffic safety, from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Contact the City of Surrey's Transportation Planning section by email at or telephone 604-591-4853 to get more details on roundabouts in Surrey.