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Metered Utilities

The City of Surrey's Annual Flat Water and Sewer payment has been extended by 90 days. The payment is now due July 2, 2020. There has been no change to the payment schedule for those on metered billing.

If you’re part of the Surrey Water Meter Program, you will receive a Metered Utility bill every four months according to your consumption. The metered utility bill includes water consumption and any applicable sewer and base charges. Pay on time to avoid penalties.

Billing Schedule

Your Metered Utilities bill is mailed out every four months, according to your Metered Utility Area.

Metered Utility bill showing location of Metered Utility Area

Find your metered utility area on the top right corner of your metered utility bill or review the metered utility area map:

    Collapse/Expand All
  • Area 1 Billing Schedule expand
  • Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Jan.

    Mar. 2

    End of May

    July 2

    End of Sept.

    Nov. 2
  • Area 2 Billing Schedule expand
  • Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Feb.

    Apr. 2

    End of June

    Aug. 2

    End of Oct.

    Dec. 2

  • Area 3 Billing Schedule expand
  • Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Nov.

    Jan. 2

    End of Mar.

    May 2

    End of July

    Sept. 2

  • Area 4 Billing Schedule expand
  • Bills Sent

    Due Date

    End of Dec.

    Feb. 2

    End of Apr.

    June 2

    End of Aug.

    Oct. 2

Keep Your Water Meter Clear

Water meters in the City of Surrey are routinely read for billing purposes.

Common problems or issues that mean we are not able to take a reading:

  • no one present to access meter inside your home
  • meter is landscaped over
  • a vehicle is parked on top of the meter pit
  • construction on top of meter
  • continuous water flow

The Surrey Waterworks Regulation and Charges Bylaw, 2007, 16337 requires a clear and unobstructed access to the water meter at all times. If you received a door hanger that we were unable to access your water meter, you must contact the City of Surrey, Water Meter Section within 48 hours at 604-592-2720. Please be ready to provide your name, phone number, meter address, account number and how we can gain access.

Surrey implements a quality assurance program to ensure the metered billings are accurate and equitable.

Mandatory Water Metering

The City of Surrey mandates the installation of water meters for:

  • All new residential developments, including Single Family Dwellings (SFDs) and multi-family developments;
  • All existing and new industrial, commercial and institutional properties;
  • New structures; after the existing one(s) has been demolished;
  • Anyone installing a new service from the City Water Main to the property line;
  • Properties participating in Local Area Servicing;
  • Anyone installing an irrigation system; and
  • Anyone who has multiple infractions for wasting water under the Water Bylaw.

Download the Water Meter and Service Connection Design Criteria Manual & Supplementary Specifications for more information.

Volunteer Water Metering

Take notice of the water you are consuming and sign up for a water meter. People who are more aware of how much water they use generally reduce their water consumption. Water meters also help you identify leaks.

The Volunteer Water Meter Installation Program is free and available for existing Single Family Dwellings or Multi Family Strata Dwellings.

Check out these videos on how to locate your meter or your water service connection using COSMOS.

How to Read Your Water Meter

If you suspect a leak in your water line, checking your water meter is a good place to start. Review this instructional video to learn how to locate and interpret your water meter.