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Water Metering Benefits

Take Control of Your Utility Bill

Why Switch to a Water Meter?

  • Save money. Pay only for the water you use. (2019 data shows greater than 98% of meter volunteers used less water than the annual flat rate.)
  • Become more aware of your water consumption. Take steps to conserve water and watch the savings add up.
  • Spread out your payments over the year making it easier on your budget.

The water meter and installation are free. Apply anytime throughout the year.

Residential metered customers pay $2.05* for 1 cubic metre (1,000 litres) of City water and wastewater treatment, which is the approximate cost of one 500 ml bottle of water at the store!

A family of 4 people typically uses an average of 475 cubic metres of water per year. This is a savings of several hundred dollars. View more information on Water Rates & Trends.

Estimated savings based on the number of people in a household:

2019 Annual Meter Billing Comparison

People per Household Flat Rate Water & Sewer Potential Payment* Possible Savings
6 $1705.00 $1523.94 $181.06
5 $1705.00 $1280.95 $424.05
4 $1705.00 $1037.96 $667.04
3 $1705.00 $794.97 $910.03
2 $1705.00 $551.99 $1153.01
1 $1705.00 $308.99 $1396.01

*Average cost of a metered household

1) Annual flat rate is equivalent to 863m3 of water.
2) Average cost of a metered household based on 325 L/person/day.
3) Potential payments include annual meter base cost of $66

Call 604-455-3655 or 1-877-666-3837 to see if you’re a good candidate for a water meter.

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