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Deferring Your Property Taxes

Starting May 2020, eligible homeowners can apply for and renew a property tax deferment for their principal residents online, quickly and easily. Also, for the first time, owners can choose to auto renew their application.

Before you apply or renew your online deferment application, please ensure you complete the following:

  1. Claim your Home Owner Grant, if eligible, available mid-May
  2. Pay the Tax Notice items that cannot be deferred (garbage, recycling, organics, secondary suite service charge fees), available mid-May
  3. Pay your annual or metered utility bill

Your deferment application or renewal may be rejected if you have not completed the above requirements.

New for 2020! The City of Surrey will no longer accept deferment applications. The new, secure online application will lead to reduced application review and approval times.

There are two Tax Deferment options available:


If you have any questions regarding the deferment process, please contact the Deferment office directly.

Property owners who still wish to apply or renew via hard copy can request forms by calling the Deferment Office at 1-888-355-2700 (within Canada) or 250-387-0555 (outside of Canada).