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Deferring Your Property Taxes

You may be able to receive a low interest loan from the B.C. provincial government to pay your current year property taxes.  Applications for the Tax Deferment Programs will be available from the Provincial Tax Deferment Office in mid-May.  Forms will also be available at that time at the Property and Payment Services counter at City Hall and the City Operations Centre.

Residents who apply to defer their property taxes are still responsible to pay their metered or annual utility bill, claim their home owner grant and pay any user fees showing on their tax notice.  The tax notice items that can not be deferred are waste collection (garbage, recycling, organics) and secondary suite service charge fees.

There are 2 programs you may qualify for:

Regular Program

You may qualify for a deferment program if you are a homeowner who is

  • over 55 years old during the current tax year
  • a surviving spouse of any age
  • a person with a disability

Review full details and how to qualify for the Regular Deferment Program.

Families with Children Program

If you are a homeowner who is financially supporting a dependent child under age 18, you may defer your taxes if your certify that the child

  • lives full time with you, on your eligible property, or
  • lives part time with you, under a shared custody arrangement, or
  • does not live with you, but you pay support for the child or are responsible for fees and/or living costs if attending school.

Review full details and how to qualify for the families With Children (FC) Deferment Program.

Renew your Property Tax Deferment

You must apply for renewal for each year you wish to continue deferring your property taxes.

A renewal form will be sent to all active deferral clients by the Provincial Tax Deferment office in May.  Complete the form and submit to the Property and Payment Services section by July 2.

In-Person Applications

Once you have filled in your applications, you can drop it off at Property and Payment Services at City Hall. We will then forward it to the tax deferment office on your behalf.

Contact the Property and Payment Services Section or reach us by phone at 604-591-4181 for questions on property taxes and utilities in Surrey.