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Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspection

You, as the electrical contractor or person responsible for carrying out the work, must get an Electrical Permit before starting work on

  • installation,
  • reconnection,
  • addition,
  • alteration,
  • repair, or
  • extension of any electrical equipment.

As part of the Electrical Installation Permit, you must also request an electrical inspection at least once in every 180-day period. Learn more about your inspection requirements as part of your Electrical Contractor Installation Permit.

All electrical permits that are part of a Single Family Dwelling (SFD) building permit must indicate rough wiring approval before a frame inspection is scheduled.

You also must not make any electrical work inaccessible by lathing, boarding, or other building construction until it has been accepted by the inspection department.

Surrey's Safety Officers are available for consultation at City Hall weekdays mornings 8:30am to 9:15am. Due to the high volume of inspections, the Electrical Safety Officers don't return to the office at the end of each work day.

Scheduling an electrical inspection

You must submit your fully complete Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Inspection Request Form (CAF) in order to be able to request an electrical inspection. Only the Electrical Permit holder Field Safety Representative (FSR) can book an inspection.

Inspection requests received prior to 3:00pm will generally be scheduled for the next business day. There are 4 ways to schedule an inspection:

  1. Submit your Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Form (CAF) by email to
  2. Submit your Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Form (CAF) by fax to 604-591-4440
  3. Submit your Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Form  (CAF) in person at the 2nd floor Customer Service Counter at Surrey City Hall.
  4. Call 604-591-4240. CAF must be left on site at the electrical service

Daily inspection schedule

Call 604-591-4650 after 9:30am on the day of your inspection to learn your inspection time. You'll require the area number (located on the top right-hand corner of your permit) and the address when you call the schedule line.

Filling out Contractor Authorization Declaration of Compliance Forms (CAF)

You must correctly complete and submit your Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Inspection Request Form (CAF) for an inspection to be booked. You, as the FSR, also must inspect that all work per scope of permit is ready for inspection and complies with the BC Electrical Code and relevant Directives before you submit your submitting CAF.

When you fill out the form, make sure the form is legible and that you include all of the following in your form. If any of these items are missing or difficult for us to read, we will not book an inspection.

  • Permit number (contact the inspection department for your permit number before you submit your CAF and call for an inspection)
  • Contractor and or FSR license number
  • Complete eddress
  • Complete inspection request details
  • FSR signature

The City of Surrey only accepts current editions of the City of Surrey Electrical Contractor Authorization & Declaration of Compliance Inspection Request Form (CAF) for all inspection requests. Electrical Section staff will attempt to notify the permit holder that the inspection inquest has been rejected. However, we recommend the permit holder call the inspection schedule line at 604-591-4650 the day of the inspection to confirm the request has been accepted.

Causes of inspection delays

Your permit applications or inspection request may be delayed if:

  • The permit value is deemed too low for the scope of work described. Additional documentation may be required as proof of job value.
  • Insufficient information or scope of work submitted with the permit application.
  • There are outstanding fees owing, such as re-inspection fee or permit extension fee
  • The contractor is not in good standing with the BC Safety Authority.
  • Any associated Building, Plumbing or other permits are not ready.
  • There are Bylaw Violations or Stop Work Orders placed on property
  • The contractor is working outside of the scope allowed by their FSR classification.
    • A -Unrestricted
    • B - Up to 750Volts 3 Phase
    • C - Systems derived from maximum 200 A 150V to ground, single phase (Not qualified to work on systems derived from greater than 200 amps 3 phase i.e. excluding commercial & industrial buildings)
  • A person other than a registered Electrical Contractor or the designated FSR calls for the inspection.
  • The contractor does not supply a Contractor's Authorization form before calling for each phase of inspection.


A City of Surrey electrical inspector may reinspect any installation when necessary.